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Website Design

 This is an important part of your website design.  Brad Kellam of Cyberfix Online is a founding member here at JVPNG and is an expert seo here in Houston.  SEP is search engine optimization which is the art of getting your website to come up at the top of the SERP results.  It is kind of like having your store on the best corner of Houston.  The corner that has the most traffic, or the most people walking by so that they can see you, come in, and buy products.


 Most companies have a professionally produced website but it is the best kept secret on the internet because no one can find it when using natural key words.  There is a misconception that an end user will type in the name of someone’s company.  For instance, your company is Smithfield And Associates, and your domain name is  Lets say you sell mattresses.  So if someone types mattresses into the search engines, you want to come up.  It doesn’t.  Or you think people who are looking for mattresses will naturally type in .. well, think again.  It ain’t gonna happen.

Expert SEO

 By working with an expert SEO, they will find the proper keywords associated with your business and do a number of things that will help your website get notices by the search engines, so that you will have favorable rankings and people will find your website.
Give Brad a call, I am sure he can help you.  He is located at:
Wells Fargo Bank building at the corner or Champions Forrest and Cypress Creek Parkway, Suite 321 and his numbers is 0. 832-666-8922 or c.808-4419-0969.
Cyberfix Online
5625 Cypress Creek Parkway Ste 321
Houston, Tx 77069
o. 832-666-8922
c. 808-419-0969