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Jersey Village Professional Networking Group

Jersey Village Professional Networking Group
The inaugural meeting of the Jersey Village Professional Networking Group will take place on Wednesday, June 19, 2013. Like other business networking groups, JVPNG is a professional group made up of top notch networkers responsible for millions of dollars in referrals over the past decade. The founders of the group are of Gilbert Castillo of Texas Flooring, Brad Kellam of CyberFix Online, Barry Flinn of Barry's Insurance, Napolean Butek of Payment Processing Systems and Mike Smith of B&J Bookkeeping.
Like other groups, we will be admitting businesses that compliment one another and those that are committed to providing business referrals to one another. We have fun, but are all about business, but not so sticky about the "rules" other groups impose on you.
We are veterans in business and welcome you if you value strong business relationships.
Send us an email or simply come join us on a Wednesday's at 11:30 to 1:00 @ On The Rox, located at 9507 Jones Road at the corner of Jones and West Road in North West Houston.
Everyone is welcome.